And so…

And so I held the mouse. So I eyed my screen, and pressed the keys upon the keyboard. The technology was premier, ultimate. The future held no secrets, for my computer was unsurpassable. And so I gripped my mouse ever tighter. So I tapped my tablet, simpler and smaller once more. No simpler could I become, no sleeker could I compute. Then I wore my computing power. My wrist, my eyes became the interface. The distance ever smaller, my computing power maximised. And so I plugged my brain into my hard drive, forgetting ceased to be. I was master of time and could know no more. My brain redundant, I had only electronic storage. My limbs became machines, my eyes were cameras. Then replaceable, forever infinite. Time progressed, my power was greater, more compact. And so I ceased to use my computer, I crossed the line. It and I were one. A singular. Boundaries folded, limits evaporated. I was unsurpassable.


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