Silver Ghosts— anonymous meetings to leave your prejudice behind

The experience

My dinner party guests didn’t know what hit them. I invited two friends who didn’t know each other for a casual dining experience at my house. Upon arrival and before meeting each other I had them put on the full costume. I then introduced them. Watch the video above to see what happened.


It wasn’t quite as successful as I’d hoped. The biggest problem with the outfits was physical. The fabric got hot really quickly. It made me quite pleased that I didn’t use my original choice of mylar, the stuff they wrap athletes in when they finish a race. The voice box kind of worked, but you could still hear the original voice underneath. The outfits themselves were also quite bulky and made it difficult to move in. It made the game of monochromatic twister (shades of grey, in keeping with the theme of anonymity) somewhat difficult to play.


The result of the experiment: inconclusive. These costumes are no good though. The idea of stripping away facets of identity to become more free from social constraints still has some potential I think. If I repeat this I’ll give it a crack with some costumes that are a bit more fun to wear, or perhaps another method of anonymisation — making different things look the same is as good as concealing the identity of each.




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Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers


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