You’re watching your Google TV. Your wife is sat next to you, idly thumbing through images of holiday destinations on Google Travel. Life is good. The world’s information is organised; what you need is at your fingertips. …

“I think you should give him a break. He is only fifty after all. He’s a hot head. He’s still into building sheds isn’t he?”

“I guess. I suppose you really only start to mature once you get to a hundred.”

“Exactly. He’s a kid. Let him be. …

“You are cool aren’t you?” said the overexcited man with a combover and spectacles.


“Are you cool? Because I went through this before, this kid said he was cool, really cool, went out all the time, was known in all the bars. Had loads of mates. And it turned…

When I was a boy, I pictured myself as an adult, sitting in the control room of my vast mansion. For every light, every door, computer, appliance and person there was a switch, a slider or a button to control it. My fantasy was to be in this room, commanding…

And so I held the mouse. So I eyed my screen, and pressed the keys upon the keyboard. The technology was premier, ultimate. The future held no secrets, for my computer was unsurpassable. And so I gripped my mouse ever tighter. So I tapped my tablet, simpler and smaller once…

  • man: i’m going to the buffet car, do you want anything?
  • woman: some crisps
  • man: I thought I might get a bacon sandwich
  • woman: oh god, don’t get a train sandwich
  • man: why not?
  • woman: you know what they’re like, train sandwiches
  • man: but I want one. do you want…

The two prime ministers were on separate TV channels. They were both giving their first speech as new leaders of the nation. Their speeches contained details of their future policies, the values they represented and the people they believed they served.

The first prime minister felt a bit awkward, he…


“Nah he’s alright, just give him a chance.”

“I think we’ve seen enough chances.“

Richard stared at the woman at the counter of the small perfume boutique. She was weird alright. Saying all those things to herself. She opened her eyes.

“Oh god! Sorry. I didn’t know you…

Tom Chambers


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